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Open doors with your phone

OpenUp by Key2Access is an alternative way to open the door that is truly accessible for persons who are living with vision loss or reduced mobility. OpenUp eliminates the need to touch the door or pushbutton which can be difficult to find and/or reach. With the button on your phone you can easily open the door from your device in a way that is convenient to you. 

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Prevents the spread of germs from the common surfaces of the door.

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Compatible with voice over technology and engineered with accessibility in mind.

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Integrated with multiple platforms and includes built-in iBeacon capabilities

How does it work?

OpenUp hardware unit


Plug the OpenUp unit to any power operated door. 



Adjust the bluetooth range and add messaging to improve accessibility. 



Use your phone to open the door.

Empowering people is our passion

22% of Canadians live with a disability.

We believe technology can bridge the gaps caused by inaccessibility. Our mission is to leverage innovation to provide solutions that speak to various needs and preferences.

Eliminating the “one size fits all” approach in the built environment will unleash the power of diversity in the workplace by broadening the talent pool, in the commercial space by welcoming a new group of consumers as well as in our communities by increasing representation.

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Our integrators

Collaboration is the key to creating meaningful change in accessibility. Key2Access take great pride in working with other industry leaders towards our shared goal of more inclusive spaces and convenient travel.

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BlindSquare is the world’s most widely used accessible GPS-app developed for the blind, deafblind and partially sighted. 

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Tecla is an assistive device for people with limited upper-body mobility that makes it possible to control mobile and smart home technologies.

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Mapsted is an innovative Canadian indoor positioning company and a world leader in indoor navigation solutions.

Who will your doors open for?

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